How you can stay safely at daily rental apartments in Turkey

How you can stay safely at daily rental apartments in Turkey

You need to make a vacation or business stay and you want to stay in fully equipped apartments which are more affordable and comfortable where  you can cook your own meals instead of a hotel.Are you skeptic about this? İts hard to be a foreigner in another country .Read the following instructions and safely benefit from this opportunity.

First of all, you should know that the concept of daily rental apartment is a new trend that develops as an alternative to the hotel accommodation all over the world. A Hotel’s main purpose  is to provide the commercial approach to benefit from each service , but this  commercial approach  has created a sympathy for the alternative accommodation offered to the guests over time.

Today, the best example of alternative accommodation is the "daily rental apartment system". You can get an idea about these places from various websites like price comparison or comment websites.

Every country has different  laws about this kind of accomodation , so if you are planning to come and stay at a daily rental apartment  in Turkey, read the following instructions which may be useful for you to avoid possible headaches.

Make a reservation on a specific  travel  website with an internationally reliable or nationally recognized that record all the information about the booking process in case of  possible future problems which might occur on the booking time. A Professional customer support may save you from too much  possible problems.

The well known ones are Booking,com, ETS, airbnb, tripadvisor,hemenkiralik com .Of these -booking com might be rated as “one step ahead” for its reputable position in Turkey  and worldwide also. Now Turkey to Turkey booking is temporarily not possible but you can book to Turkey from outside of the country.Check booking.com here.

With the new laws implemented in 2016, daily rental apartments are obliged to be "licensed". It is important for your safety to choose licensed properties.

Sign a contract which is called “ temporary stay contract” and don’t hesitate to do that which will be your proof of payment and so on. But don’t forget to get one copy of it.

If you have paid a security deposit for renting, then you should definitely print it on your accommodation contract so that you can safely get it back.

Stay away from the ones  which are renting their property hourly or only a part of the day.These are not suitable for family stays.

Since you are obliged to leave the apartment as you received it,it  is extremely important that you check all devices at the time of arrival in terms of the security of your deposit.

By paying attention to these issues, you will have a safe, economical and peaceful holiday.
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