Google hotel ads

Google Hotel Ads

We can say that the vast majority of searches for accommodation on the internet begins with Google. “Google Hotel Ads” is a search service designed to serve this purpose.

For example, for a search result made with the keyword "Antalya hotels", Google shows a list of results in a special box. You can get a direct booking from Google by registering this program.
If you register with this Program you only pay 15% commission to Google for only bookings that are finalized.
You must be registered with a channel manager in order to be accepted for this service. Google does not provide direct service for this program except for the channel managers.
Once you have registered, you can access and activate the Google Hotel Ads program in the store section which is at the upper right part of the user panel.

google otel reklamı


             Are the reservations from “Google Hotel Ads”  direct booking?

Guests can book directly with your hotel website via Google Hotel Ads and bookings are sent via HotelRunner Reservation Module. Therefore, you are responsible for all reservation and customer relations. As an owner, you will still be responsible for the collection of your booking charges. Just like a direct booking from your website ...

               How much will I have to pay for this membership?

You pay a fixed 15% commission (excluding taxes, fees, cancellations and no-shows) to Google for real bookings. HotelRunner is the official business partner authorized to collect commissions on behalf of Google. To start making reservations from Google, you need to deposit a $ 100 to your HotelRunner account. The commission will then be deducted from this deposit. You do not pay HotelRunner for this membership, except for the commission paid to Google.

               Am I going to pay commissions directly to Google?

Invoicing of this system and commission collection has been authorized through Google partners like HotelRunner. HotelRunner does everything for you about payment.

               What happens if a booking is canceled?

You do not pay commissions for canceled bookings. If your guest cancels from your website, HotelRunner will automatically notify Google and no commission will be charged to you. If no-shows or booking changes are made, it is sufficient to contact HotelRunner to make any necessary corrections.

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